your Havanese dog


Recall is an oft overlooked but very important skill for any dog to learn, including a Havanese! Whether you’re just calling your dog from across

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Crate Training

What is a crate? Crates, also known as “kennels,” act as a den for your dog, hearkening back to their wolf ancestors. They’re a safe

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Impulse Control

What is impulse control? Impulse control is self-control for your dog. Training your dog to sit quietly and patiently wait for his dinner is an

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all about training your Havanese puppy


Although Havanese are a naturally friendly and sociable breed, good socialization is still important to help your puppy grow into a well-rounded adult dog! Your

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Puppy Biting

While the Havanese is a gentle breed, as puppies they can be just as nippy and mouthy as any other breed! Absent their mother and

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solutions to behavioral issues in Havanese dogs


Havanese are a gentle breed and can be prone to anxiety or fearful behavior if under-socialized or exposed to negative experiences. They do best with

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Excessive Barking

Havanese generally do not bark without cause and make great alert dogs for this reason. This is natural behavior for them and easily curbed by

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Leash Pulling

Starting your Havanese young on proper loose leash walking will prevent leash pulling from becoming a problem. But if you acquired an adult Havanese who

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everything there is to know about the Havanese breed