your Havanese dog

Training Tips

Patience is key! Don’t rush things. Let your Havanese decide the pace. Keep training sessions short; approximately 15 minutes each. If your Havanese seems to

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Leash Training

Leash training is an important step in any dog’s training. You’ll use leashes in more areas of your Havanese’s life than just walking; such as

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What is shaping? Shaping is a training method best used alongside clicker training to teach a dog a trick in steps. For example, to shape

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all about training your Havanese puppy


Although Havanese are a naturally friendly and sociable breed, good socialization is still important to help your puppy grow into a well-rounded adult dog! Your

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Puppy Biting

While the Havanese is a gentle breed, as puppies they can be just as nippy and mouthy as any other breed! Absent their mother and

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solutions to behavioral issues in Havanese dogs

Excessive Barking

Havanese generally do not bark without cause and make great alert dogs for this reason. This is natural behavior for them and easily curbed by

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Leash Pulling

Starting your Havanese young on proper loose leash walking will prevent leash pulling from becoming a problem. But if you acquired an adult Havanese who

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everything there is to know about the Havanese breed