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How To Fix Your Havanese Pottying In The House

If you have a Havanese puppy and are looking to house train them, then you should start on our housetraining page.

My Havanese has suddenly begun pottying in the house!

pottying in the houseIf this is a sudden recurring problem, then you should consult your veterinarian to make sure your Havanese doesn’t have an underlying health condition such as a urinary tract infection. If your Havanese is suddenly defecating in the house then you should consider if there have been any changes to their diet recently including treats.

If your veterinarian has ruled out medical causes and believes it to be behavioral, then you may want to start all over again on housetraining.

You should restrict your Havanese’s movement until they are reliably urinating and defecating outside again. An exercise pen is a good way to do this without fully crating them. Dogs will potty where they have pottied in the past, so you should make sure to clean up any past spots very thoroughly. If you have carpets, there are specially made cleaners to accomplish this.

We have a page specifically on housetraining. While the page is written with puppies in mind, the training methods therein are applicable to any age of Havanese.

My Havanese has never not pottied in the house.

You should consider going back to square one on housetraining. We have a page just for housetraining, and while it is targeted toward puppies, the housetraining guidance and advice on the page are applicable to any age of Havanese!

Despite the old adage “an old dog can’t learn new tricks,” your Havanese can still be housetrained! However, housetraining them may require more patience and time than a puppy would because you’re not only teaching them something new, but erasing an existing behavior.

You may want to restrict your Havanese’s movement through the use of something like an exercise pen until they are fully housetrained. This will prevent accidents from happening in your house and allow you to keep an eye on them. Dogs will potty where they’ve pottied before, so it’s important that you thoroughly clean any surfaces or floors that your Havanese has urinated or defecated on in the past. Carpets especially can hold odor, but there are specially made cleaners for carpet pet stains or odor.

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