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10 Dog Training Tips & Tricks for You and Your Havanese

  1. Patience is key! Don’t rush things. Let your Havanese decide the pace.
  2. Keep training sessions short; approximately 15 minutes each. If your Havanese seems to be getting bored before the 15 minutes are up, then shorten sessions even more! It’s important you have your dog’s full attention during training sessions.
  3. Figure out what kind of rewards your Havanese likes and rank them on a list from high value to low value! High value treats should be reserved for times when your dog’s focus may be divided due to distractions. Normal value treats, or even your Havanese’s kibble, will work best as regular training treats. Treats your Havanese does not respond well to can be shelved.
  4. Soft, small treats are the best treats for training! Avoid chewy treats that your dog has to spend several seconds on.
  5. Your Havanese’s kibble can work just fine as a training treat and is preferable if you’re watching your Havanese’s weight. Remember to feed your dog less at dinner time!
  6. If your dog doesn’t respond very enthusiastically to treats, then figure out what they do respond well to! Some dogs are more toy motivated than treat motivated.
  7. Give your Havanese a “jackpot” when they do exceptionally well! A “jackpot” is several treats given in quick succession. Do not give your dog all the treats at once; dogs don’t understand quantity in that way. You must hand each treat out separately, but quickly, one after the other.
  8. Spend time observing your Havanese and learning their body language. This will help you communicate better!
  9. If you find yourself getting impatient during a training session, then cut it short! Your Havanese will respond best to a positive, happy attitude.
  10. When you call your Havanese to you and they come, never respond to them in a negative manner! This can create a negative association with their recall.
We hope these dog training tips help you in teaching your Havanese!

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