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Puppy Training

Socializing Your New Havanese Puppy: All About Dog Socialization

Although Havanese are a naturally friendly and sociable breed, good socialization is still important to help your puppy grow into a well-rounded adult dog! Your Havanese breeder will start this socialization process when your puppy is only a few days old, but it’s up to you to continue it once your puppy has come home!

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Puppy Biting: How to Prevent It and How to Stop It

While the Havanese is a gentle breed, as puppies they can be just as nippy and mouthy as any other breed! Absent their mother and littermates, any puppy will quickly fall back into a pattern of nipping. You want to stop this behavior young before your Havanese grows and their teeth become larger!

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How to Introduce Dogs: Safely Introducing Your New Havanese

You should not introduce your new puppy in surroundings where your current dog may be territorial or possessive. While introducing two dogs to each other for the first time, a neutral area outside of the home is ideal, but puppies cannot be on the ground in public places until their vaccinations at 16 weeks old. A friend’s home or your front yard can work as safe substitutes, but if those aren’t possible then choose somewhere indoors that your current dog doesn’t frequent.

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Housetraining Your Havanese Dog: Everything You Need to Know

Housetraining is one of the first things you’ll want to start on with your new Havanese puppy. Crates can be an excellent tool while housetraining, and if you plan on leaving your puppy alone for hours at a time while you work or run errands, then they are nearly a necessity! Please read our page on Crate Training for more information.

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