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Clicker Training

10 Dog Training Tips & Tricks for You and Your Havanese

Patience is key! Don’t rush things. Let your Havanese decide the pace.
Keep training sessions short; approximately 15 minutes each. If your Havanese seems to be getting bored before the 15 minutes are up, then shorten sessions even more! It’s important you have your dog’s full attention during training sessions.

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All About Clicker Training and How to Utilize It

Clicker training is a form of operant conditioning, which itself is a type of learning process where behaviors are reinforced or discouraged through punishment or reinforcement. An example of operant conditioning would be a child touching a hot stove. The pain inflicted by the heat discourages them from performing the behavior again. Likewise, giving a child an allowance for doing chores encourages them to do their chores unasked next time.

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