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Behavioral Issues

How To Fix Your Havanese Pottying In The House

You should restrict your Havanese’s movement until they are reliably urinating and defecating outside again. An exercise pen is a good way to do this without fully crating them. Dogs will potty where they have pottied in the past, so you should make sure to clean up any past spots very thoroughly. If you have carpets, there are specially made cleaners to accomplish this.

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How to Handle Separation Anxiety in Your Havanese Dog

Havanese are very affectionate and people-driven, and want to spend all their time with their person or people! Because of that, they can be prone to developing separation anxiety. If you have a Havanese puppy, then it’s wise to be preemptive and take steps to avoid them developing separation anxiety. If you have an adult Havanese who has already developed separation anxiety, then it’s never too late to start fixing it!

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Leash Pulling: How to Fix It in Your Havanese Dog

Dogs pull on the leash to get to something they find interesting, and by giving into it and allowing them to pull you toward their spot or object of interest, they learn that pulling gets them what they want. So to fix leash pulling, you have to teach your Havanese that pulling won’t get them what they want!

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How to Manage and Desensitize Your Fearful Dog

Havanese are a gentle breed and can be prone to anxiety or fearful behavior if under-socialized or exposed to negative experiences. They do best with positive reinforcement and do not respond well to punishment such as yelling or hitting. While Havanese already require a gentle hand, it is even more important to be mindful of your emotions or actions with a fearful Havanese. Negative behavior on your part could exacerbate their fearful response.

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Excessive Barking: How to Stop It​

Havanese generally do not bark without cause and make great alert dogs for this reason. This is natural behavior for them and easily curbed by simply blocking their view of whatever causes them to bark. If your Havanese is barking excessively, then this is likely due to human error. But the good news is that training it out is a simple matter!

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