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Basic Obedience

How to Teach Your Havanese a Solid, Reliable Recall

Recall is an oft overlooked but very important skill for any dog to learn, including a Havanese! Whether you’re just calling your dog from across the house or you’re calling them off chasing a car down the street, recall is a vital skill for your Havanese to know for both their safety as well as your sanity.

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Leash Training Your Havanese: Everything You Need to Know

Dogs pull because they want to move in the direction they are pulling. If you give in and allow them to walk in the direction they’re interested in going, then they learn that pulling gets them what they want. Therefore, the simplest way to teach your Havanese loose leash walking is to simply teach them that pulling does not get them what they want. If they pull, then you should come to a complete stop. Wait for the leash to become slack and your dog to return to your side. Reward your dog for returning to you and then proceed with your walk. Repeat this process if your dog pulls again. Otherwise, reward them intermittently for walking nicely at your side.

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Impulse Control: What It Is and How to Teach It

Impulse control is self-control for your dog. Training your dog to sit quietly and patiently wait for his dinner is an example of impulse control.

Impulse control is an important thing to teach any dog, and Havanese are no exception! You’ll find your dog to be calmer, quieter, and more patient.

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Everything You Need to Know About Crate Training

Crates, also known as “kennels,” act as a den for your dog, hearkening back to their wolf ancestors. They’re a safe space for them to sleep or relax, away from the hustle and bustle of the household. Crates also give you a safe place to put your dog when you leave the house. Even the best trained dog can get into things they shouldn’t, and as the saying goes, always better safe than sorry!

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