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are Havanese puppies hard to train

Are Havanese Puppies Easily Trained?

are Havanese puppies hard to trainThe Havanese is a wonderful breed with a rich history, but trainability can be subjective. Different training methods and styles are best fitted for certain temperaments. Biddable and easygoing dogs may require less rigid training and a more equally easygoing trainer compared to a stubborn and willful dog.

Sometimes the smartest dogs can be the most difficult to train! But we’re not here to talk about other breeds, we’re here to answer: are Havanese puppies easily trained?

What is the Havanese’s training style?

  • Focused – Havanese are natural people-pleasers. They excel at focusing all their attention where it matters- on their handler!
  • Intelligent – While Havanese rank average on tests for repetition and obedience for tricks (a rank they share with other breeds widely considered intelligent, such as Australian Shepherds!), they’re considered to be highly emotionally intelligent as well as adaptive which are traits more relevant to the average dog owner.
  • Goofy – Havanese enjoy working hard to make their people laugh. This can be a good and bad trait! You should be cautious about what behavior you may accidentally encourage but this trait is tied up in a desire to make their handler happy, something very important to training.
  • Gentle – Havanese benefit from a gentle hand to guide them. Firm punishment may negatively affect their training!
  • Laidback – Havanese are energetic dogs but not to the level of many dog breeds, especially working dogs like Border Collies. This can be a good thing for training as they’re less likely to get bored with their current activity and lose focus.

So, are Havanese puppies easily trained?

While there is no right or wrong answer to this question, we would say that for most dog owners, the Havanese breed is easy to train. They’re happy to focus on you for hours, are able to retain and repeat tricks in a short amount of repetitions, and enjoy figuring out ways to make you happy- including learning new tricks.

How to get started training your Havanese

Start your Havanese puppy off right!

Socialization is an important step in any puppy’s training program. Lack of socialization in your Havanese’s early life can lead to fears, anxiety, and even aggression in adulthood. It’s vital to socialize your puppy well in their first months of life so that they will be a well-rounded dog as an adult. Early socialization starts with your breeder. Learn more about socialization here on our website.

House training should begin day one

Training your puppy to potty outside and not inside begins early. Relying on puppy pee pads or other tools can make house training your Havanese more difficult later on because you will have to not only train new behavior, but train out old behavior! Puppies can begin house training with their breeder before coming home at two months old. Learn more about house training here on our website.

First impressions are important

Introducing your new puppy to little ones already at home can be overwhelming. Making a good first impression for both parties is vital. A bad experience starting off their relationship could be disastrous and cause issues down the road. Learn more about introductions here on our website.

Clicker training is a great tool in training

Clicker training works by marking your pet’s correct behavior using a training tool called a ‘clicker.’ You can also use other things that produce a sharp, noticeable, and sudden sound- including household items like a pen, or even clicking your tongue! Clicker training can help your dog learn faster by helping them link your praise to their correct behavior. With clicker training, you will find your Havanese puppies easily trained. Learn more about clicker training here on our website.

Bring your clicker training to the next level with shaping

Shaping is a great way to bond with your Havanese and a great way to get them thinking! A training session utilizing shaping can be fun, rewarding, and more tiring. Combining shaping with your clicker training skills will get your Havanese puppies easily trained in no time! Learn more about shaping here on our website.

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